Solutionpack Malaysia

Dimension (L) 1605mm x (W) 1135mm x (H) 2652mm
Packing Size (W) 60-250mm (L) 50-360mm
Filling Accurary < +/- 0.5% -2%
Filling Speed 6-50 bags/min
Packing Range 100g-1000g
Film Pull Servomotor 1 phase, 400W (upon request)
End Seal Servomotor 1 phase, 750W (upon request)
Film Unwrap motor 1 phase, 90W
Film Error Correct Adjust Motor 1 phase, 40W
Eye Mark Adjust Motor 1 phase, 6W
Auger Servomotor 1 phase, 1.5KW
Auger Stirrer Motor 3 phase, 0.37KW
Vertical Seal Heater 130W/260V (Fix) & 520W/260V (Moving)
End Seal Heater 260W/65V (x4)
Working Voltage 3 phase 5 wire, 380~415V AC
Power Requirement (415V) 7.6KW, 10.5A (+/-5%)
Additional Optional Device Power 4.3KW, 6A (+/-5%)
Compressed Air Pressure 4~8 bar
Country Origin Malaysia
Material Mild Steel With Expoxy Painting or Stainless Steel 304 or 316 (upon request)


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