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The liquid nitrogen injector from liquid Packaging Solutions is ideal for the pressurization of both plastic containers and aluminum cans.

In addition, the injector can be used for inserting headspace in containers such as wine bottles.

The injector is designed to be quickly installed and removed from a filling line. The compact unit is self contained in two attached control boxes housing the electrical and nitrogen dosing components respectively. The system uses a sensor and a series of valves and nozzles to inject a preset volume of liquid nitrogen into the container at a given speed. The sensor detects the presence of a container and a PLC calculates the container speed, which in turn directs the proper time of valve to open.

As the line speeds up, more time of valve opening to ensure proper pressurization or blanketing.

Key Features :

  • Consistently dispenses measured dose of liquid nitrogen into container.
  • Once injected, liquid nitrogen turns into nitrogen gas & expands to add rigidity to container or flush oxygen from container.
  • Modular heated at injection head with integral gaseous nitrogen purge to eliminate moisture and frost formation.
  • On line easy adjustment of dosing size to ensure proper dosing for container.
  • Low cost alternative.
  • Interchangeable to various lines.
  • Compact and light.
  • Touch screen operated & PLC to automatic calculate container speed.
  • Auto speed recognized for continuous operation.
  • Lowest consumption of liquid nitrogen in all injectors on the market.
  • Stainless steel enclosure, fully heated.



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